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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  March 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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serious condition in the icu here at temple hospital, he is 19 years old. investigators are trying to figure out why a man believed in his 60s would pull out a gun and shoot him. >> only thing you can do is pray. >> reporter: cynthia knows what it's like to worry about kids. >> i have a son who works for septa, so that's really scary. i'm always saying be safe. >> reporter: she doesn't know the 19-year-old and finds it hard to believe the worker was shot by a man who was angry about tablesing cleaned close to where he was eating. >> only thing i can think of is he's psychologically or having problems at home or something. >> reporter: police are not sure the reason why the man pulled a gun and shot meyers. they know the man and another worker argued prior to the shooting and then he argued with myerses' older brother who was cleaning tables. >> the worker is doing his job, spraying the tables with some cleaning agent, wiping the tables, you can see an
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engagement between the worker and the male shooter, and it escalates, going back and forth. at one point the mail shooter gets up and objects to what appears maybe management over the counter. after that he leaves the store for about five seconds, returns, and shoots not the man he was arguing with but his brother. >> reporter: police say video shows the man's face and sharp appearance, hopeful someone will turn him in. investigators say this man should be considered armed and dangerous, if you know who he is, police want to hear from you. reporting live, deanna durante, "nbc 10 news." a chester county man accused of shooting into the home of a child, he is charged with sexual aabusing. authorities say douglas kohen fired six bullets into his neighbor's house yesterday. and you can see those holes in the home. he was out on bail after being arrested in january for abusing a girl who lishs in the house.
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one of the bullets just missed the child who was on a couch. >> at 3:00 in the morning the defendant showed up with a .357 revolver, came up to the window, and fired six rounds through it. right over top of where one of the children was asleep on the couch. >> police arrested kohen after he crashed his car of it he is back behind bars tonight. also tonight we have new details on the investigation of a septa officer who tasered a man 10 times. that man died a short time later. nbc 10's jacqueline london is live in the digital operations center. what's the latest? >> in january we know the =ç ruled thr lopez died of a drug we have new video of the struggle at the train station last fall. during that struggle the officer tased lopez 10 times from close range. the officer says despite that he
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still could not get lopez handcu handcuffed. the officer called for backup several times but there was a big problem, septa operators apparently didn't know where he was. listen to this audio recording and the frantic search to find him. >> a fire truck happened to drive by the two men and saw the officer struggling. firefighters jumped out of the truck and helped handcuff lopez. >> when the transit police sergeant arrived he ordered mr. lopez be taken to frankford area hospital for evaluation, although mr. lopez had no physical signs of jiry, the sergeant made a decision based
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on the number of times that the taser was used that he was going to have mr. lopez taken to the hospital for evaluation. >> by the time the officers got lopez to the hospital he was not responding and died a short time later. septa is not releasing the officer's name. officials say he has received death threats. live in the digital operations center, jacqueline london, "nbc 10 news." to the first alert weather. not spring but sure feels like it outside. nbc 10 along boathouse row, it was beautiful. this is only the beginning, denise. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz joins us to tell us more about this. this could be record breaking as well. >> yeah, and multiple days of records threatened here. and it sure warmed up a lot today and this is just the beginning. a lot of blue in the sky, sunshine helped push the temperature over 60 degrees. the average high is 50 for this time of year. and even the cool spots are in the upper 50s right now.
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mount pocono is 56, 21 degrees warmer than it was this time yesterday. lancaster, 20 degrees warmer. the warming trend is just beginning. we were kind of chilly over the weekend. today's high 61, tomorrow's high, 70. then it goes up from there. pretty mild night out there, you could see the wind diminishing. mostly clear skies. we'll see if there's rain this week, along with the record warmth. how high it's going to get with the seven-day in a few minutes. at least 100 new jobs, full-time jobs for that, are up for grabs at a company exspanding in the low high valley. paychecks is increasing operations at its south whitehall township site. it provides payroll, and insurance services. a pay raise is on the way for some state workers in pennsylvania. today governor tom wolf signed
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an order assuring all workers under his jurisdiction make at least $10.15 an hour. wolf has asked lawmakers to raise the state's minimum wage to above $10, but the proposal has gone nowhere. pennsylvania's minimum wage is currently $7.25. happening now, the public is giving feedback on septa's plan to bring rail service to king of prussia, there would be five new stops including one that drops you off inside the king of prussia mall. septa is holding a series of public meetings on this plan, and you can find details now on the nbc 10 app. also happening now, philadelphia families are learning more about mayor jim kenney's plan to create community schools. the group action united is releasing new findings of the study done on the concept of schools operate on the idea that they should be community anchors. in addition to teaching children they offer resources like
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medical clinics or police substations that help the neighborhood. action united gave us a preview of the report. >> it's not only going to transform what happens in schools but what happens outside of school in the community as well. >> tonight's meeting is at sayer middle school. funeral arrangements have been made for former first lady nancy reagan. >> one day after her death, she is remembered around the world as one of the most iconic and influential first ladies to grace the white house. right now flags are flying at half-staff in washington, d.c. to honor reagan. president obama issued an order for all federal buildings to do so as a mark of respect. pennsylvania governor tom wolf ordered flags at half-staff. >> what have you learned about her funeral services? >> reporter: mrs. reagan will lie in repose on wednesday and
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thursday this week and members of the public are welcome to come and pay their respects. the funeral isn't until friday at 11:00 a.m. pacific time. and that one is not open to the public. but about 1,000 people we're told are on the invite list, that is not disclosed to the public but of course we can all expect that most if not all of the living presidents will be inattendance. the reagan library remains closed, flowers are left outside the gates as tributes continue to pour in for former first lady nancy reagan. at the white house, flags were lowered to half staff. >> i know how much she meant, not just to president reagan but to the country as a whole. >> reporter: reagan is being remembered for her love and support for her husband ronald reagan. as an actress she met reagan in hollywood, married 52 years, she was by his side during his career on the silver screen, the
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governor's mansion in california, the white house, and throughout his battle with alzheimer's. by all accounts she was a fierce protector of her husband's image and many say the chief influence behind his political ascendence. >> she was indispense toobl ronald reagan's success. i don't think there would have been a ronald reagan as we knew him without nancy reagan. >> reporter: throughout her years her name became synonymous with style, class and grace. she is remembered for her just say no anti-drug campaign during her time as first lady and later for stem cell research and the fight against alzheimer's. as the nation and world pause to mourn the loss of the former first lady, funeral arrangements are being made at the reagan library where she will be laid to rest next to her husband. the reagan library spokesperson said they had been preparing for this day to eventually come ever
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since president reagan died in 2004 and a similar plan, a schedule will be follow forward mrs. reagan's memorial services. back to you. >> thank you. and as she mentioned nancy reagan took an active role in the fight against alzheimer's disease. coming up we'll take a closer look at how her passion led to new research and the impact it had on families battling the disease. bernie sanders has work to do if he wants to catch up to hillary clinton but he is showing no signs of giving in. >> where some of your friends destroyed this economy. >> you know -- >> excuse me, i'm talking. >> coming up, our campaign analyst breaks down the hard hit from the democratic debate and if sanders has a chance of beating clinton. >> raise your hand. i swear i'm going to vote for donald trump next week. i swear. >> plus, donald trump, is as
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confident as of. once again, chris christie's coming to his defense. we'll have that coming up next on "nbc 10 news" at 5:00. before we go, new information just in on this breaking news in west philly we told you about. we've now learned four people were taken to the hospital, after this crash. police say a driver hit several parked cars, and several blocks you see some of it now in this live picture from sky force 10. this is 53rd and catherine streets. we learned police are looking into reports that this began as a chase in darby. randy is on his way. we'll continue to monitor this situation and bring you updates as soon as we get them. ♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up.
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i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
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breaking news, a man has been sentenced to 22 to 44 years in prison for raping and kidnapping a young doctor from her apartment nearly two years ago. this man pleaded guilty to the crimes in november as jury selection was about to begin in his case. investigators say garcia attacked the 26-year-old doctor as she was walking home to her apartment in the early morning hours of june 21, 2014. the victim was sexually assaulted twice before police say garcia took her apartment keys and cell phone. investigators tracked the victim's phone to garcia's home where they arrested him.
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decision 2016 coverage, republican donald trump has his eye on north carolina. he held a morning rally near charlotte. things got heated when a protester interrupted trump's speech. >> go home to mommy. go home. bye. go home to mommy. go home to mommy. >> trump had a few words for his opponents saying they are controlled by lobbyists and special interests. the republican party advocating an any one but trump approach to the presidential primary won't be successful, that's according to new jersey governor chris christie. the governor made his comments at an elementary charter school in newark. he said today those who oppose trump should come up with an alternative. christie dropped out of the presidential race last month. he has been the only candidate in the field to endorse trump. the governor has taken hits
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since his endorsement of trump. and this weekend it was "saturday night live's" turn. >> i mean he really is a sad desperate little potato back there. >> yes, sir. thank you sir. please sir may have i another. >> no. >> that was "snl's" take on the bizarre news conference with trump and christie on super tuesday. people went wild on social media during that speech. they said it looked like the governor was being held hostage. that led to the hash tag free chris christie. when asked p this he laughed it off and said he was quote listening to trump. the presidential candidates will face off again in multiple states tomorrow. michigan and mississippi are holding democratic and republican primaries, while idaho will hold its gop primary and republicans will caucus in hawaii. republican john kasich wants to pick up momentum in the midwest. the ohio governor is hoping for
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a strong finish in michigan. that will launch him to a win in his home state the following week. during a town hall he talked about the possibility of a brokered convention. he says if you don't have the delegates you captain complain about the process. >> i mean that's why this is such an interesting campaign, so i think it's important when you go to a convention if the we end up there, which look likes we will, that it be a fair process. and delegates will be smart and they'll figure it out. >> yesterday kasich campaigned with former california governor arnold schwarzenegger in ohio. a look at the current delegate count for the republican race. donald trump is leading with 392 delegates, ted cruz is second with 305, followed by marco rubio with 153, and kasich is in last with 35. 1237 are needed to win the gop
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primary. still ahead we'll take a closer look at the democrats, bernie sanders put up a fight on the debate stage, but can he catch hillary clinton? our campaign analyst joins us. >> deliberations under way in the lawsuit involving erin andrews a. jury got the case this morning. andrews is suing two hotel companies and a stalker who secretly videotaped her while she was nude in her room at the national marriot. the stalker posted the clip on the internet in 2008 and later served 30 months in prison. andrews says she was humiliated and traumatized. >> pro wrestler hulk hogan is looking for $100 million as his sex tape trial gets under way in florida. hogan is suing the news website gawker, the site published a sex tape of him and his best friend's wife. 7 million people saw that video and hogan says the video was made without his knowledge.
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>> 18 seasons in the nfl and peyton manning is hanging up his cleats. >> on a high note after that super bowl win last month. manning made the announcement today at the broncos facilities, the five-time league mvp and two-time super bowl champ exits the game as the winningest quarterback in nfl history. and, the league's all-time leader in passing yards and touchdown throws. emotional manning describes why now was the right time to step away. >> if everything i had to help my teams walk away with a win, there were other players more talented but there was no one who could outprepare me. and because of that i have no regrets. >> manning's retirement speech wasn't all tears. a jokester around the league manning managed to drum up a few laughs today. >> she asked daddy, is this the last game ever? and i says when i shook my head in amazement thinking they had
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gotten to my 5-year-old daughter. >> manning also took time to thank the players and coaches, two were fixtures here, manning gave a shout out to drin dawkins and jim johnson. >> eagles chairman and owner jeffrey lurie released this statement on manning's retirement. quote it's again an honor and privilege to watch peyton play and compete. his accomplishments left our league a better place than the one he found 18 years ago. we had a chilly weekend. things are already changing and boy, are they going to change a lot more. here come the temperatures in the 70s. told you about this a week ago. and we're also going to be getting some record warmth of it at least in parts of the area and likely dry until the weekend. pretty amazing week if you like
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spring-like weather in early march. 60 degrees right now of it the winds southwest at 18 miles an hour, 14 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. warmer to the north and west. up to trenton it's 60, 59 in wilmington. 57 atlantic city international but each closer to 50 right at the beaches. with the wind coming in off the ocean. but our wind's going to come from the southwest, so let's see where the air's coming from and what the temperatures are like. wow. 76 degrees in st. louis, missouri. 71 in des moines, iowa. so, even a west wind pushes us into the 70s. that's a very large area. so we're not just talking about one day of it. like we sometimes get. ahead of a cold front it gets warm and then you get the rain and then it cools down. this is not one of those cases.
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so the record for wednesday in fill till the record is 73 and predicted 76. in wilmington, close to the record of 74. allentown, may break the record of 70. and millville close to a record as well. so, those numbers are pretty high. but we've got good evidence it's going to be broken. by tomorrow morning it's not all that cold at all. 8:00 a.m., 52 degrees. you kidding me. the average high is 50. and by 2:00, 70 in northeast philly, 71 in dover. just the beginning. of the 70s. because it's going to be warmer on wednesday, and even warmer thursday. so each night is less cold than the night before. so, you're not going to even need light coats as we get to the middle of the week let alone the heavy coats. plowed we the wind diminishing,
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46 the low, 40 north and west. through the day tomorrow a mix of sun and clouds. that's not going to stop the temperature from sky rocketing up near 70 degrees. so no record tomorrow but we've got records likely on wednesday and possibly again on thursday. 78 degrees. and even when it cools down somewhat on friday and over the weekend, it's still way above average. the showers come over the weekend. >> thanks, glenn. we've seen a lot of reasons for traffic backups but this next story is a new one. how a naked woman put on a show in the middle of a texas highway. plus what is your favorite. a new survey found america's most loved cereals. what topped the list in our state.
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well, here's something you don't see every day. a naked woman on top of an 18-wheeler. this video out of houston shows the woman dancing around on the roof of the cab during rush hour this morning. that stunt backed up traffic for miles. police aren't sure why the woman decided to do a strip tease. this went on for two hours until firefighters helped police take the woman into custody. >>. what would be be your favorite cereal? >> i'm boring. it's got to be rice chex.
5:27 pm
you? >> frosted flakes. >> okay. in honor of national cereal day, more than 88,000 people answered that very. what is your favorite cereal? across the country, the number one cereal, denise's, frosted flakes. cinnamon toast crunch, lucky charms, honey nut cheerios and fruit loops. >> in delaware cinnamon toast crunch was the pick in new jersey. it's lucky charms and in pennsylvania froot loops. >> rita wilson on her battle with breast cancer. the actress says she is now 100% healthy but she almost didn't get treatment at all. what wilson said saved her life and could save yours too. and breaking news from the erin andrews trial. the jury has come in with a verdict. the judge is getting ready to read it. we'll have details as soon as that verdict comes in.
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breaking news in west philadelphia. police tell us a driver hit several parked cars on several blocks, sky force 10 was live over the area a short time ago. down on the ground nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live on the scene. >> what can you tell us? >> reporter: we did just get an update from police here on the scene in west philly, basically saying these two suspects left a
5:31 pm
trail of destruction along catherine street crashing into cars, some parked, some driving. you can see some of the damage. police tell us at least four victims were taken to the hospital in critical condition after they were just driving along the street when these suspects crashed into them. the four were taken to the hospital, but the suspects kept driving on their mayhem spree down catherine street. let me show you a video from sky force 10. police are telling us the suspects eventually crashed into a parked car and that car wasn't working so they got out on foot and started running. one was quickly taken into custody but the other suspect kept running, ducking into a laundromat. he changed his clothes and hopped onto a septa bus. police were able to track that second suspect down thanks to witness who is saw him changing clothes. so right now both suspects in custody, four people in critical condition after these accidents.
5:32 pm
and police are telling us this police chase started over in darbyboro doing some sort of narcotics investigation. the suspects got wind of it and fled. the police chase started and these cars getting a lot of damage. we're working out more details what exactly happened but four people in the hospital right now in critical condition. live in west philly, randy gyllenhaal, "nbc 10 news." and breaking news in the erin andrews case. in the past five minutes a jury came in with a verdict and awartded her $54 million in her civil trial. andrews sued two hotel companies and a stalker who videotaped her nude in her room at the marriot. the stalker posted the clip on the internet in 2008 and served 30 months behind bars. andrews said she was humiliated and traumatized. she asked for $75 million. the verdict came down, she's been awarded $54 million from a
5:33 pm
jury. to decision 2016. tomorrow four more states choose their presidential nominees with michigan and mississippi looming. the big prize of the day. >> the super saturday primary states delivered split decisions for democrats and republicans. but as brian mooar reports that only gave the front runners a boost. >> you know -- >> excuse me. >> after a hard hitting debate. >> he was against the auto bailout. >> bernie sanders accuses hillary clinton of disstotortin his record. >> the only problem is that it's untrue. >> splitting wins over the weekend with michigan and mississippi up next. clinton says she is hoping her rival will get behind her if she wins. >> to work with him the way i supported president obama when i dropped out in 2008. >> on the republican side donald trump has a healthy but not insurmountable lead. john kasich says the fight isn't
5:34 pm
over until the delegate count reaches 1237. >> you know, i have more than you therefore i should get it, go out and earn it. >> that's what trump hopes to do demanding allegiance as he heads into a critical week and a half. >> raise your happened. i swear i'm going to vote for donald trump next week. >> fighting off illness, ted cruz battled for votes in mississippi. marco rubio is in survival mode with virtually no hopes of winning if he can't win his home state of florida. polls show trump has a sizable lead in michigan which is the first big test of how he might perform in the midwest. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. as brian mentioned fireworks flew during last night's democratic debate facing off an topics like the flint water crisis. for further analysis of the democrats we're joined by jj, a partner at the campaign group which creates television and
5:35 pm
radio ads for democratic political campaigns. >> thanks for joining us. in michigan the two broke ground on the auto bailout. after a half dozen debates can voters be swayed? >> as you said there was new ground and secretary clinton went after senator sanders for supporting -- for opposing the auto bailout which is a pretty hard attack in bit. michigan and senator sanders came back and said well, your problem is you supported these trade deals that are also harmful in michigan. but there is a question whether or not it changed the dynamic. this was the seventh time they debated. the debate wasn't as colorful or as contested as that republican debate last week but as a democrat i think that's probably a good thing. >> jj, bernie sanders won three out of four democratic contests this weekend winning in maine, nebraska, and kansas. but hillary clinton still has more than double the amount of delegates. in your opinion does sanders still have a real path to the
5:36 pm
nomination? >> i think a lot of observers think that secretary clinton has a pretty prohibitive lead at this point ahead by more than 2 to 1 in terms of delegatings. senator sanders said he is going to stay until the convention and i take hm at his word. and he will win some contests. the question is can he make up the big deficit he has. there is real question about that and a lot of people think this is more abouting more of a protest candidacy than actually being able to win the nomination. >> what should we expect tomorrow for the democrats in michigan? >> well, the polls have shown secretary clinton with a consistent lead. she has done very well in every state in which there is a sizable african-american population, michigan of course does have a sizable african-american population and so she is expected to win both there and in mississippi tomorrow. >> jj, thank you so much for joining us and giving us your insight. michael bloomberg has decided he will not run for
5:37 pm
president. the former new york city mayor has spent months considering whether to mount an independent run. bloomberg made his decision official in a column posted on a website. it's clear if the if the he entered the race he could not win. for more analysis on the democrat and republican presidential candidates, tune in to "nbc nightly news" with lester holt at 6:30. it's never too early for students to think about summer jobs. now, philadelphia is making sure they know where to look. mayor jim kenney helped kick off the work ready summer jobs campaign today. work ready is an effort to connect students with employers over the summer. find out more on and delaware high schoolers got some face-to-face time with potential employers. nbc 10 at thomas mccain high school. the jobs for delaware graduates organization helped the job
5:38 pm
fair. representatives from several industries and public services met with students, to talk about their future plans. military and law enforcement were there along with a number of area colleges and universities. >> next, at 5:00, a close call captured on camera. how a stranger saved a young boy from a flying baseball bat.
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5:40 pm
beware of flying objects. >> it's written really small there on the back. a kid watching a spring training game today chose not to heed that advice. look at this. this picture snapped during a braves/pirates game. you can see the bat inches from hitting the kid in the face. thanks to the quick hands of a man to the right of him, it's our left, his right, you can see
5:41 pm
the bat never hits the boy. glances off the man's outstretched arm. a closer look you can see a cell phone in the boy's hand, hopefully next time he will pay closer attention. >> see this next piece of video. with the sixers, i hate saying that, they are lowly sixers in miami, a little extra entertainment during yesterday's game. >> thanks to the mascot that's what they got. take a look. >> bernie oh, my. >> bernie came out okay but during the time out bernie tried to do a flip over several friends but i saw he came up short and landed on top of the panthers mascot. doesn't look less painful in slow-mo. fortunately kn lly neither was seriously hurt. next at 5, i'm tracking a big warm-up. we made it into the 60s today but this is just the beginning of what could be record breaking
5:42 pm
heat. that's next in my first alert forecast.
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5:44 pm
at least six are dead after fire rips through what police call an unofficial boarding house in atlanta this morning. the fire moved so fast the house collapsed onto itself. firefighters still have not been able to do a complete search of the rubble. we're told the victims include four men and two women. firefighters are looking for the cause of the fire. a woman who survived her serious injuries from the boston marathon bombing has now died in a car accident overseas. shrapnel nearly killed victoria near the finish line in 2013. strangers saved her life
5:45 pm
carrying her to safety. she suved nerve damage and spent weeks recovering. over the weekend the student died in a car accident in dubai. the first class action lawsuit now in the books over the lead contaminated water crisis in flint, michigan. the suit was filed today on behalf of seven flint residents argues that government officials failed to take action over dangerous lead levels in drinking water. it says it was downplayed. water problems began after flint switched its water supply from detroit's system in 2014 to save money. >> what we're trying to do here is to get action and get action quick for these families. the proper attention by the epa, by the state regulatory agencies, has not come. >> attorneys for the seven plaintiffs believe the lawsuit could eventually include
5:46 pm
thousands of flint residents affected by the lead water crisis. new jersey democrats renewed a push to reduce lead poisoning in the state, this isn't about lead in water, it's lead paint. the committees on both sides of the aisle are reviewing identical bills that would put $10 million into a lead hazard control assistance fund. governor christie is not supported similar efforts in the past and said he would not support this one. christie said the lead issue is in the state have become overdramatized. doctors from the cleveland clinic are sharing details about the first uterus transplant. it took nine hours to complete. they need to keep a close eye on the 26-year-old recipient. she's now taking medication to prevent her body from rejecting the organ. experts hope this will allow her to become pregnant. the surgery is experimental but offers hope for thousands of
5:47 pm
women who cannot have children. >> i prayed that god would allow me the opportunity to experience pregnancy and here we are today at the beginning of that journey. >> transplant patients receive uteruses temporarily in hopes they have one or two children and after that it's removed and the patient can stop taking the anti-rejection medication. rita wilson is a breast cancer survivor. after undergoing treatment she is cancer free. >> she was on the "today" show this morning. initial breast biopsy showed no breast cancer. she may have never received treatment if she never received a second pin. >> it's not just from another doctor but in my case i got a second opinion on my pathology. that had come in that it was negative and so -- >> you want to believe that? >> yeah. you have that gut and a girlfriend of mine who had breast cancer twice suggested the second opinion. that was the thing that made all
5:48 pm
of the difference. >> wilson chose to have a double mastectomy. warm enough for shorts? maybe not for everyone yet. nbc 10 at cooper river park in pennsauken over the next few days, they are going to see a lot more people in shorts and t-shirts and sun bathing. get that spring fever out there. we just started today. temperatures are going to be getting into the 70s this like. we told you a week ago. the record warmth is going to come with it. it's going to be basically dry until the weekend. had a lot of sunshine today and the visibility is excellent, 60 degrees right now. the winds southwest at 18 miles an hour. the temperature below average over the weekend, but jumped up to 61 degrees today.
5:49 pm
we're jumping up more to 70 tomorrow, and then 76 degrees for a record on wednesday in philadelphia. we may set a record thursday with a higher temperature. right now temperatures are in the 50s to the low 60s, even mid-60s. 64 in reading and in lancaster. some of the warm spots today. and of course the closer you get to the ocean the cooler it is. we've seen some readings even in the 40s there. we do expect some records to be broken. these are the records on wednesday and thursday for a bunch of cities, and the green ones are where we expect it to tie or break the record. so, take a look at your nearest town and you can find several places are going to get records. 82 in westchester on wednesday. we're not going to break that one. as we go through the night tonight and into the morning, it doesn't cool down much. by 8:00 a.m. we're already in the 50s.
5:50 pm
and by noon time we're closer to 70. we're in the 70s at 3:00, in northeast philly and trenton, and in mount holly. and in dover. but, not quite right at the beaches with wind coming off that chillier ocean. even though the ocean temperatures way above average. not that much. as we go into the day on wednesday, the temperature -- by 9:00 a.m. we're already to 60 degrees. so, we really do have some incredibly warm air that by noon time 72 degrees, so, it's going to be extremely warm and no doubt about it for wednesday and thursday. partly cloudy with the wind going down, as we go through the night, 46 the low in philadelphia, 40 north and west. during the day tomorrow, fair amount of clouds compared to today. but that temperature is going to sky rocket and it's not going to be quite as windy as today.
5:51 pm
the seven-day forecast, look how much it warms up on wednesday. remember, the average high temperature is only 50. then 78 on thursday. even when we cool down and get clouds and showers as we head toward the weekend, not all that cold. temperature still into the 60s, the lows at night barely down to 50. and you spring forward this weekend as we lose an hour's sleep. >> thank you so much. lester holt joins us from the nbc studios in new york. >> good evening, what's coming up on nightly news? >> hi, keith and denise. we're gathering late reaction and word regarding erin andrews, a sportscaster a jury awarding her $55 million in the case where she was a stalker spied on her in a hotel. late information on that. the formal good-bye to nancy reagan, also el nino hitting california in a big and dangerous way and details of a remarkable breakthrough in
5:52 pm
infertility surgery when we see you at 6:30. back to you now. >> thank you. we'll see you in a bit. as lester mentioned, the country continues to mourn the loss of nancy reagan. >> the former first lady took an active role in the fight against alzheimer's. a closer look at the local research being done to fight this disease and how it could help your family.
5:53 pm
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5:55 pm
>> today researchers of alzheimer's disease are praising nancy reagan, the former first lady fought to cure the disease which led to president ronald reagan's death. nancy reagan's support raised funds and awareness. >> as jim rosenfield shows us, local researchers are fighting to go beyond just treating alzheimer's, once someone has it. they want to prevent it altogether. >> horrible, degrading. >> that's how frank and donna describe alzheimer's disease which took the life of frank's father. now frank has concerns that he could develop the memory robbing condition. >> i do and i also am worried about my children. >> a local researcher says right now doctors can only treat some of the symptoms, her goal is to stop the disease before it starts. >> what would really be exciting can you imagine preventing alzheimer's like you prevent the
5:56 pm
flu. these are the bad guys here, these are --. >> they believe it destroys brain cells. >> so we're clearing the substance out. >> ongoing trial is following older people who have plaque in their brain but not symptoms. some have the plaque wiped out by a medication. now doctors are watching to see if that stops the disease from starting. early results could be available in the next several years. but not soon enough for donna that admits watching her father-in-law suffer challenged her deep faith in god. >> i don't quite understand why god would keep our parents here if they were going to suffer so. i struggle with that inside our own hearts and our own heads. >> drexel university is still enrolling people in the study. you must be between the ages of 65 to 85 and not had symptoms
5:57 pm
of memory loss. "nbc 10 news" at 6:00 is next. coming up next on "nbc 10 news" at 6. >> we're following breaking news, cars mangled, drivers rushed to the hospital. we're live on the ground with new details.
5:58 pm
so how old is the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania? i don't have enough fingers ben! ok gus, make a wish! that was some blowout. thanks, so are these! wow, the new blowout instant games from the pennsylvania lottery, with over $225 million in prizes. did someone say blowout?! keep on scratchin'! we begin with this breaking news. in west philadelphia a driver in a rental car led police on a
5:59 pm
wild chase. it played out in the past 90 minutes. >> randy gyllenhaal arrived a short time ago and is live from the scene. what can you tell us? >> reporter: we're live here in west philly on catherine street where the chase ended. as you mentioned it starts in darbyboro as a narcotics investigation. police surveilling the suspect. they must have gotten wind because they hopped in the car and high tailed into west philly. they crashed into a number of parked cars as well as moving cars. let me show you video. you can see damage on display, at least a number of blocks, cars hit that were parked, we're told four victims driving in the area were hit by these suspects, those four people are in critical condition right now. we spoke with some of these victims who got hit. let me show you one of these guys driving home. >> step on my gas, next thing i know this dpi's coming around me, hits the side of my left
6:00 pm
front bumper. bangs me to the side and keeps going at full steam. i look and i see about three or four police cars coming behind him. >> reporter: police tell us the suspects crashed and then got out on foot. one was arrested nearby, the other one ran over to a laundry mat, changed clothes, hopped on a bus of it he was arrested. this is where the chase ended, the suspects crashing into this parked car, totaling it. we're told four people in critical condition right now but both of those suspects in this narcotics investigation are now in custody. live in west philly, randy gyllenhaal, "nbc 10 news." >> a wild afternoon. also at 6, accused child predator shoots into the home of his alleged victim, bullets barely missing children inside. >>


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